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Activity Monitor

Price: 0,99$
Size: 5.3 MB

Activity monitor – a handy assistant for monitoring battery level, disk usage, system or network info, etc.
Application control elements are done on a microcircuit to make work with application more comfortable, understandable and nice.

– System info
– Internet info
– Hardware info
– Memory usage
– Capacity info
– Processes list
– Battery level


Activity monitor in the AppStore



Price: 0,99$
Size: 4.1 MB

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true fingerprint scan functionality.

The best fingerprint scanner you can find in the AppStore! Realistic detection animation and perfect sound will help you prank your friends!

Note that this app is for amusement purposes only, but also can be used as a protected file storage and only YOU will have access to it.

Fingerprint+ is great to fool your friends into thinking your device is an advanced biometric scan with real fingerprint capabilities, a scan of anyone else’s finger will deny them access. Using the latest in multi-touch technology and brand new algorithm your device will only grant access to you, all your friends will be stunned with open mouths.

How it works:
Tap on the progress bar in the display area before each scanning to achieve the “Access granted” result. “Access denied” is a default result.

*Awesome for pranking
*NEW! Unsuccessful access attempts are recorded, and you can see the intruder’s photo and location on map
*Badge icon show the number of break-in attempts
*Voice messages and realistic animation
*Browse the web and download required files


Fingerprint in the AppStore

Extra Collage

Price: 0,99$
Size: 52.3 MB

Gorgeous collages? Usability? Saving of time? YES! Extra Collage that’s what you need!
Surprise your friends with your masterpieces done with Extra Collage.

All main controls are realized in 3 buttons a the bottom of the screen: Add, Save and Preferences. This is very simple and smart organized.

1. When you tap “Add” appears choice to add your photos from photo library or camera and to add/change background, text label and clipart.

2. By tapping “Save” you could save your collage to photo library, documents folder(HTTP Server in preferences must be enabled) or share it via email and famous social networks.

3. In “Preferences” you can enable or disable the undo manager and start HTTP server for saving collage at the local server by wi-fi.

Such main elements arrangements visibly save your time, improving the work with app.

For more accuracy during the work with photos and clipart were added instruments that appear, when you tap at the layer. With them you can resize, rotate, align, and bring a layer to the top/bottom.


Extra Collage in the AppStore

The Answers Ball [for iPhone]

Price: 0,99$
Size: 1.4 MB

“The Answers Ball” is a smart tool to find answers to your questions. Doubt in any situation? – Well then this app exactly what you need.

To ask the ball tap “Ask” button and speak your message. After this shake your device and you will see the answer. By tapping the “Library” button you can see all your questions and their answers, here you can also share them via Facebook and Twitter. By tapping the “Info” button you can enable/disable the shake device option.

App uses the iSpeech technology so your previous questions and their answers are analyzed for your subsequent answers for questions to be more accurate.


Wi-Fi Chatty

Price: 0,99$
Size: 2.2 MB

What is Wi-Fi Chatty?
It’s a smart and fast way to create a chat for up to 8 people!

Need to fast establish a chat with your friends right now to discuss something? It’s very simple with Wi-fi Chatty, the only thing you need, of course, it is a internet connection. You should select the nickname and then you can start chat in 10 seconds only by giving him name and selecting chat icon. Also you can join the existing chat. That who creates chat automatically starts chat server and the chat will be closed if he leaves.


Wi-Fi Chatty in the AppStore

iTrack – effective way to track your kith movement

Price: 2,99$
Size: 17.3 MB

This app not only track the location of your own phone like other “phone trackers”. This is actually a REAL phone tracking application that allows you to follow the movements of other iPhone/iPod/iPad users during last 7 days.

iTrack monitors your location and share it to other iPhones which were paired with your device. So you always will see the trajectory of movements of the devices which were paired with your iPhone and they will see your movements.

To follow another person, they must use the “iTrack” app and the pairing process should be done.

iTrack is unique app that opens up effective possibility to track your kith movement!

From now you will always know where are now and where were today your child, wife, parents or kith!

iTrack is absolutely incredible way to stay tuned watching the trajectory of your child or wife movement.

Your child are not allowed to walk in some area and you think he can disobey? – Now you will see how obedient he is and from now you will have the proof only by running iTrack on your and your child’s devices.

You suspect your wife’s betrayal? – From now you have an effective instrument to know the truth!

Just pair your and wife’s devices in the iTrack and permanently stay tuned.

iTrack opens up possibility always to control situation, and if you’re in another country you can track trajectory of paired device movement.

This app uses unique coding algorithms to generate secret codes for pairing devices, all the codes are unique and only you and those paired with your device will see your and their trajectories of movement.

* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


iTrack in the AppStore

Morse Code – encode messages in Morse code

Price: FREE
Size: 3.9 MB

Using this “Morse Code” application you can encode your messages to Morse code.
You can translate your messages in to the familiar dot and dashes of Morse code and play encoded messages with sound/flash.

Tap the “Encode message” field and type the text, type “Return” button on keyboard, then tap the “Encode” button, now your message is encoded in dot-and-dash code, if you want to play it with sound or flash tap “Sound” or “Flash” button, then tap “Play” button, if you want to loop your playback tap “Loop On”. Tap the “Stop” button if you want to stop your playback.
Tap “Refresh” button in top-left section of the screen to clear your message.
Tap “Info” button to see the Morse Code.


Morse Code in the AppStore

PDF Reader™ [for iPhone/iPad]

Price: 0,99$
Size: 1.4 MB

Do not miss the chance to buy the best PDF Reader!
The most hi-tech PDF Reader among other PDF readers.

Looking for the most fastest in reading files and user friendly PDF Reader? – PDF Reader™ is what you need!

Add files by downloading from the internet or by adding them in iTunes.

PDF Reader™ uses the unique technology of scrolling through the pages: you can scroll them at the bottom horizontally or split by three in row(that is more comfortable for scrolling if your file has too much pages). You can add bookmarks to required page browsing your PDF file in three-in-row view.

Using the AirPrint technology you can print your PDF file selecting the required pages and the number of copies you need.

In Settings you can change options preventing app sleeping, add or reduce brightness for more comfortable reading and app using, lock rotation and enable HTTP Server to download your files in device from your MAC/PC.

The latest technology makes this app unique in this category by really gorgeous improvement of the file reading speed. Forget about for a long time opening files PDF readers… now you have PDF Reader™ – the most user friendly and fastest in use, do not miss the chance to try it!


Matrix Calculator [for iPhone]

Price: 0,99$
Size: 1.5 MB

Matrix Сalculator is a unique app that performs calculations on matrices of any size.
It’s a pocket matrix calculator that can save you a lot of time, nerves and money.

You can add or delete rows and columns at any time choosing the necessary size of matrix(Maximum size is 6×6).
If the matrix is too big you can move it anywhere on the screen for more comfortable use.

– Create new matrix
– Copy existing matrix
– Sum existing matrix
– Multiply existing matrix
– Invert existing matrix
– Bring an existing matrix to diagonal form
– Multiply with number

Action on matrix:
– Transponse
– Bring to diagonal form
– Calculate the determinant
– Invert the matrix


Ringtone Maker™ Free [for iPhone]

Price: FREE
Size: 8.7 MB

Buy Full Version to use all features of the app.
NOTE that some fraudsters leave the negative comments and put 1 star rating to slander this app(Comments like: Why there is Google Maps in this app? or I tried to enter password 3 times and nothing works) – There is no Google Maps or Passwords in this app – it’s Ringtone Maker™ 🙂
Ringtone Maker™ Free is a free version of smart assistant in making new awesome ringtones.
Feeling tired of boring standard ringtones? This app will help you to surprise your friends with the new fresh ringtone!

You can make ringtones in a few seconds, just bring your favourite song from library, mark the part you wish to be your ringtone and click the save button.

All created ringtones can be found by tapping “Ringtones” button, you can view and listen your ringtones.

+ microphone
+ new program module to share your ringtones with others and rate other ringtones. We are glad to receive your comments, advices and suggestions about our app and this service particularly! You can find all necessary information in Help section