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Price: 0,99$
Size: 4.1 MB

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true fingerprint scan functionality.

The best fingerprint scanner you can find in the AppStore! Realistic detection animation and perfect sound will help you prank your friends!

Note that this app is for amusement purposes only, but also can be used as a protected file storage and only YOU will have access to it.

Fingerprint+ is great to fool your friends into thinking your device is an advanced biometric scan with real fingerprint capabilities, a scan of anyone else’s finger will deny them access. Using the latest in multi-touch technology and brand new algorithm your device will only grant access to you, all your friends will be stunned with open mouths.

How it works:
Tap on the progress bar in the display area before each scanning to achieve the “Access granted” result. “Access denied” is a default result.

*Awesome for pranking
*NEW! Unsuccessful access attempts are recorded, and you can see the intruder’s photo and location on map
*Badge icon show the number of break-in attempts
*Voice messages and realistic animation
*Browse the web and download required files


Fingerprint in the AppStore


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