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Secured Data [for iPhone]

Price: 0,99$
Size: 9.8 MB

Secured Data is the most user-friendly app to store your data in safety!
It’s indispensable app for those who values safety of his passwords, banking information, data from credit cards, information about his car and much more.

In this app all the information you entered are systematized into categories like “Birthday” or “Vehicles”, it’s very easy to order your marks by name or type and select later information you need. If you have too much notes it’s will be easily to find the note you need using Search.

You can can edit or delete standard types and create your own types, by giving them name, selecting the field type(Text Field, Decimal Field, Email Field, Phone Field, etc) and the type icon. You can add multiple fields to your own type.

In Settings you can change your password, set auto-lock time, choose the font size, choose on each failed attempt will be destructed all the information and to reset types list to default.

NOTE that if you choose to reset types list to default all the information in your self made types will be lost.



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