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Kiwi – Flappy falling bird

Price: FREE
Size: 7.5 MB
Version: 1.0.1
Updated: 25 mar 2014
Language: English
Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Kiwi – Flappy falling bird in the AppStore


Smart truck – cargo delivery

Price: 0,99$
Size: 71.0 MB
Version: 1.0.1
Updated: 07 dec 2013
Language: English
Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Want to be involved in interesting adventure, where you can feel yourself like a driver of truck and you can improve your logic skills?
Let’s go!

Drive smart truck that to deliver cargo to finish in safety and, herewith, remaining fuel’s level. Get bonuses for speed and collect stars, which improve your rates. During your way you find difficulties, which you should go around, using sign «hand», pushing, you can lead objects, making free way.
You will see exciting race in different locations, starting in forest, then more trough quicksand of desert and finishing your adventure in snowbound location.
Upgrade smart truck that it can glide on road. Earned coins for every level you can change to improving volume of fuel, tires ad suspension. So, you can deliver all cargo to finish, earned maximum points.

Special quality
-3 kinds of location (forest, desert and winter)
-smart management
-possibility of crossing to another level at triple loss
-possibility of truck’s upgrade
-30 levels (10 in each location)
-alternation of day and night

So, if you want to start – push the right side of screen, to return – the left side of screen. Manage all wooden objects with help of sign «hand», pulling over their by finger on screen and cleaning up on road. If you want to return to management of truck, push on sign «hand» one more time. Finishing, lay over a truck, while it will be indication of time to 100. You should deliver cargo to finish minimum 3 boxes. Collect more stars on way and ecoomize a fuel, that to earn more coins.



Smart truck – cargo delivery in the AppStore

Smart truck – cargo delivery FREE in the AppStore

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Crazy Squirrel adventure

Price: 0,99$

Size: 65.1 MB

Want be involved in an exciting adventure with Crazy Squirrel? That starts here right now!

The evil eagle has stolen the golden goblet in the form of the nut, owned our Squirrel, and it made him mad, so, why we should help him get his treasure back by passing all the difficulties, which are awaiting us during the way.

10 main adventure’s levels are waiting for you to pass them. In game you will be able to manipulate with wooden objects to pass the dangerous places in levels. You should use your mother wit in such situations.

3 bonus levels, where you will be driving in a car back to home with golden goblet in the form of the nut. You should wisely use 4WD and RWD to overpass all the traps in your way.

Collect nuts in each level and you will make Squirrel happy, don’t forget that there is 3 gold nuts in each level are located in secret places. Collect them and open bonus racing levels!
Help Squirrel take back her gold nut and you will see, how him will be thankful!


Crazy Squirrel adventure in the AppStore

Alienfunts – elephants from other planet

Price: 0,99$

Size: 21.1 MB

Description At the planet Elephantia lived Alienfunts, their food was gold which they extracted from the craters of Elephantia but once the source dried and they decided to find a new planet for gold mining… They went to the planet Earth!

The goal of the game is to collect as many golden coins as possible. You can unlock new levels and mini games with the coins you collected.
– On each level exist special objects, be careful not to miss them.
– More tasks you complete – more points you gain.
– Collect timers to extend the time of game and gain more points.


Alienfunts in the AppStore

Smart Ringtone Maker.

Price: 0,99$

Size: 7.0 MB

Smart Ringtone Maker is a utility for making cool and free ringtones right on your device! If you feel tired of boring standard ringtones – Smart Ringtone is exactly what you need.

Select any song from your music library by tapping note in the center of the screen, or tap cancel and choose it later.
Select the start and the end of your ringtone and tap Save to cut this segment of song.
If you want to rewind the song at a few seconds simple tap on the left or right rewind button, if you want to rewind it faster scroll the waveform.

All the ringtones done can be found by tapping Ringtones button where you can listen them, send via email or start the http server to download it on your Mac/PC.

To set your ringtone on your iPhone simple drag over him to the ringtones section in your iTunes and sync your device. All your ringtones will be visible along with standard ringtones.


Smart Ringtone Maker in the AppStore

Image Filters.

Price: 0,99$

Size: 6.6 MB

Image Filters is a easiest way to add filters to your photo or to edit it.

Select one of the non adjustable filters, adjust brightness, contrast, sepia, gray-scale, warmth, saturation or add impose scratches to your photo and adjust their transparency.


Image Filters in the AppStore

Finger Scales+

Price: 0,99$

Size: 4.1 MB

You need to immediately weigh something small but you haven’t scales right now?
Finger scales will help you in that case!

Easily weigh small objects such as coins, candies ect.

1. Remove any accessories and unplug any connected cables from the iPhone.
2. Put the iPhone on finger or pencil and wait until measuring element wouldn’t stop.
3. Press the “Calibrate” button.
4. Place object exact into reserved area.


Finger Scales+ in the AppStore

Photo Template+

Price: 0,99$

Size: 61.5 MB

Haven’t you ever dreamed to look like a knight, pirate or maybe actor? Well, Photo Template will help you in that!

Place your face to template or prank your friends by placing their faces on funny templates!

With this app you’ll:
– have 3 categories of templates(man, woman, children)
– no need in internet connection and long waiting of templates downloading
– have instant results
– be able to adjust contrast, brightness, saturation, warmth and to flip your pic for more realistic result
– be able to drag anywhere scale and rotate controls for more handy use
– be able to save or share your result via social networks

All you need is to pick photo from your photo library or cam and to place it on prefered template, then to scale and rotate and if need to adjust contrast, brightness, warmth and saturation to look it more realistic. You can tap on preview button at any time to see how your pic looks like.


Photo template in the AppStore

Pocket Notes with Tags

Price: $0.99
Size: 7.2 MB
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later
Pocket notes with tags is the most convenient, accurate and quick way of notes and notes searching.

You want to systematize your thoughts and ideas? How it should be? The most handy way is notes with tags, all your notes marked with tag can be easily found in a few seconds, it’s the most comfortable way to systematize your notes!

You can add more than one tag in a single note to narrow your search later, the only requirement is your tags must be separated by comma. Tags are register insensitive, you can add tags in lower case letter they automatically will appear at tags screen in upper case.

To change your note name simple tap twice at navigation bar.


Protector – private vault for content.

Price: 0,99$
Size: 3.5 MB

Hide your photos, videos, notes, music, contacts and bookmarks from other people! All the content is password protected with this app and you can be sure in your information safety.

All this content can be safely kept and used with Content Protector:
– Photo
– Video
– Notes
– Bookmarks
– Contacts
– Music

*Create unlimited number of folders
*Main and fake account
*Badge alerts will show break-in attempts
*Access log shows the origin of break-in and the code used by the intruder
*All access attempts are silently captured by your front camera
*Full retina display support


Protector – private vault for content in the AppStore